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    Monmouth Park
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Sunday, 18 November 2012 16:12
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  • ChallengeAdmin
    1 month ago


    Due to excessive heat conditions, several races have been cancelled and the stakes races have been pushed back to early this evening. We are awaiting track management decision on the outcome of this contest as to whether it will continue based on the number of races available.

    We thank you for your participation.

    Challenge Admin

    tdreamer cough, cough. 14 races should be ran and only 14 should determine a winner.
    and they should have all been ran tomorrow or next week.
    1 month ago
  • ChallengeAdmin
    2 years ago

    Hi All. Past Performances have been loaded.…

    David Juffet Never got an email this year. Tell me if I'm wrong in thinking that you've forgotten me?
    2 years ago
  • ChallengeAdmin
    2 years ago

    Welcome to all players for the 2017 haskell Challenge

    tdreamer happy picking to all.
    2 years ago 2